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Weekly Favorites: How to Amend Federal Return, 11 Ways to Slash College Bills, Tax Time is ID Theft Time

Weekly Favorites: February 15, 2013

How to Amend Your Federal Return [Video] via TaxACT
Completing Form 1040X, the form required to amend your federal return, is a simple four-step process. Continue and watch the video…

11 Opportunities to Slash College Bills [Infographic] by Eric U.
College costs are continually on the rise making student loan debt at an all time high to $870 Billion. The average student is more than $27,000 in debt. Fortunately, you may be able to cut your college costs at income tax time with a variety of credits, deductions and savings plans. Continue reading…

Tax Time is ID Theft Time via
The IRS began accepting 2012 tax returns, sending thousands of individual taxpayers and tax professionals to their computers to fill out forms and then e-file them. You, however, are an electronic tax-filing holdout. You’ve heard the reports about all the tax-related identity theft. So you’re still sending Uncle Sam your tax data on paper. You might want to reconsider. Continue reading…

Photo credit: PAPYRARRI via photopin cc