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File Simple Federal Taxes Easy, Fast & Free on Your Mobile With TaxACT Express

File Simple Federal Taxes Easy, Fast & Free on Your Mobile With TaxACT Express

It felt like winter was never going to end and so the April 15 tax filing deadline sounded like light-years away. Now reality has set in — it’s April, and you still need to file taxes!

Don’t panic -grab your tax documents, download the TaxACT Express app, and you’ll be done in minutes.

File Simple Federal Taxes Easy, Fast & Free on Your Mobile With TaxACT Express - TaxACT

Who should use TaxACT Express?

Most taxpayers have simple tax returns, which is exactly what TaxACT Express is designed to do. With TaxACT Express, it’s free to prepare, print and e-file your federal return; and just $7.99 for a state return.

If you happen to have a complex tax return, you can still start your return in TaxACT Express and finish with TaxACT Online in a web browser at or with TaxACT’s tablet app.

TaxACT Express supports these situations, forms and credits:

  • Income (Form W-2)
  • Dependents and Dependent Credits
  • Interest Income (1099-INT)
  • Dividend Income (1099-DIV)
  • Unemployment Compensation (1099-G)
  • Education Credits and Deductions (1098-E, 1098-T)
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Retirement Saver’s Credit

How Do I use the app?

The app uses an easy Q&A interview style to guide you step by step through your return and the filing process.

You will start by entering some basic information, including your name, address, marital status and dependents.

Next, you’ll enter information about your income. You can even use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your W-2 and TaxACT Express will enter the data into the app.

Just like taking a selfie or a picture of your friends, take the photo in a place with plenty of light. The app will provide some tips when you are ready for your close up.

After income, we move to deductions and credits, and help you get your guaranteed maximum refund.

If you need to file a state return, we’ll transfer your federal info to your state forms. All you’ll have to do is answer a few more questions specific to the state you live in.

How do I actually e-file my Federal and State returns with TaxACT Express?

If you are receiving a refund, congratulations! You will have the following options for how you want to receive that money:

  • Direct deposit – Enter your bank account information to have your refund deposited directly into your account.
  • Mail – You’ll receive a check from the IRS in several weeks.
  • PayPower Visa® Prepaid Card – Receive your refund on a PayPower card and TaxACT will waive the $9.99 card fee. This card can be used anywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted.

If you owe taxes, the app will guide you through those easy steps too.

When you’re ready to e-file, TaxACT Express will guide you through the easy steps. If you want to submit your return the old fashioned way, you can print and mail it.

I filed, now where’s my refund?

TaxACT Express keeps track of your refund for you. After you sign in to your return, you’ll immediately be taken to the TaxACT Express mobile dashboard. The dashboard will display your Federal and State refund amounts, when your returns were accepted, and when you can expect to receive that Federal refund.

The app checks with the IRS daily to keep you up to date.

File Simple Federal Taxes Easy, Fast & Free on Your Mobile With TaxACT Express - TaxACT

More handy features

The app isn’t just for filing taxes and checking return and refund status, it also includes the TaxACT Income, Deduction and Credit Examiners.

Did you get that deduction or claim that credit? Tap on the refund amount or amount owed at the top of the screen and you will see an itemized list of your income, credits and deductions. You can also view summaries of your Federal and State taxes.

This information is available to all TaxACT customers, regardless of which TaxACT product was used to file. It gives you your tax information anytime, anywhere.

Download the app free now

TaxACT Express is available on both the App Store and Google Play. It’s free to download, risk-free to try, and you can file your Federal return free. Filing a State return is just $7.99 – half the price of others.

April 15 is almost here. Take a few minutes to file your taxes with TaxACT Express now!