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5 Popular Tax Credits — Do You Qualify?

There’s a good reason why people love tax credits. Unlike tax deductions, which lower your taxable income, tax credits lower your tax bill dollar for dollar. However, not every tax credit is the same. There are two different categories – nonrefundable and refundable. Most tax credits are nonrefundable, which means they are subtracted from your […]

10 Common Tax Mistakes That Could Cost You

The U.S. tax code runs nearly 4 million words. But even though the tax rules are complex, most of the mistakes that taxpayers make are fairly simple. Here are 10 of the most common tax mistakes that trip us up and how to avoid them: Not filing on time The IRS estimates that 20 percent […]

Weekly Favorites: Tax Savings for Parents, 3 Tax Mistakes Parents Make, The Fiscal Cliff Fix

Weekly Favorites: February 22, 2013 Tax Savings for Parents: Tax Credits and Deductions Parents Need to Know via TaxACT Uncle Sam offers several family-oriented tax benefits. Determining which ones you qualify for can be confusing because of rules about filing status, itemized deductions and income levels. Continue reading… 3 Tax Mistakes Parents Make That End […]

Weekly Favorites: Paid Off $90k in Debt, Tax Savings for Parents, Standard or Itemized Deductions, Changes to W-2 Form

Weekly Favorites: February 8, 2013 I Paid Off $90,000 of Debt in Just Three Years via LearnVest It’s funny how you can do all of the right things–go to college, get a job–and then one day wake up with crushing debt. It took a lot of hard work–and some serious creativity–but three years later, I’m […]

5 Tips for Filing Your Taxes for the First Time

Are you filing your taxes for the first time? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed about the whole process? Filing a tax return for the first time can be intimidating. Here are 5 tips to help you through the process. 1. Determine if you need to file Three things must be considered when determining whether […]