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Education Tax Credits and Deductions — Too Good to Be True?

Education Tax Credits and Deductions: Too Good to Be True? - TaxACT Blog

In the “You Got This” Weekly Series, we will answer a question from our customers found on Facebook, Twitter, TaxACT’s Blog and around the web. Question: I am a graduate student and I receive nearly full remission of tuition and fees from my university as part of my compensation for my teaching assistantship. My 1098-T shows that I “paid” […]

8 Tax Law Changes That Affect Parents

8 Tax Law Changes That Affect Parents

Are you getting all the tax breaks you’re entitled to as a parent? If you are a parent, chances are that the 2012 tax law changes will affect you. Several important tax breaks were scheduled to expire at the end of 2011. There was a wide expectation the breaks would eventually be extended for 2012, […]

11 Opportunities to Slash College Bills [Infographic]

11 Opportunities to Slash College Bills

Do you just cringe every time you get those college bills in the mail? Are you looking for ways to possibly get some of that cash back? The following is an infographic that summarizes the education tax benefits outlined in the College Tax Whiz tool.

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