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Release Yourself from the Shackles of Credit Card Debt in 2015

How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt in 2015 - TaxACT Blog

Getting financially fit is the second most common New Year’s resolution, after weight loss, of course. For many Americans, getting financially fit means dropping the weight of credit card debt. Even if you’ve already stumbled and screwed up (or forgotten) your New Year’s resolution, there are over 10 months left in the year to get […]

Need More Time? File for a Tax Extension

Need More Time? File for a Tax Extension - TaxACT

Do you need just a little more time to gather the information for your income tax return? Or, truth be told, have you not even started yet? Don’t worry – it’s easy to get an extension to file your return. You just need to tell the IRS you need more time, using Form 4868, Application […]

Investment Spending: How to Spend Tax Refunds and Unexpected Checks

Investment Spending: How to Spend Tax Refunds and Unexpected Checks - TaxACT by Ellie Kay

The biggest question most Americans have when they get their income tax refund is: where do I spend it? I believe that you can make a wise choice on how to use your tax refund that will have lasting benefits by learning the “Investment Spending Plan” method. I developed the Investment Spending Plan when my […]

Weekly Favorites: Paid Off $90k in Debt, Tax Savings for Parents, Standard or Itemized Deductions, Changes to W-2 Form

Weeklyk Favorites: February 8, 2013 by TaxACt

Weekly Favorites: February 8, 2013 I Paid Off $90,000 of Debt in Just Three Years via LearnVest It’s funny how you can do all of the right things–go to college, get a job–and then one day wake up with crushing debt. It took a lot of hard work–and some serious creativity–but three years later, I’m […]

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