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Graduation Presents on a Budget

Graduation Presents on a Budget - TaxACT

Do you currently know of someone that’s graduating soon? Well guess what? That means that you’d better save up your pennies, because you’ll need to buy them a gift for their open house. I know I know, the gifts never end. There’s wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, graduation gifts, birthdays, Christmas, and if you’re part […]

Couples and Money: 5 Solutions To Go From Fighting To Freedom

Couples and Money: 5 Solutions To Go From Fighting To Freedom - TaxACT

What is the number one reason cited for divorce? You guessed it—money matters! If most couples are asked if they argue about money, they will reply, “We don’t fight about money, we just have some disagreements.” Yeah, right. When Bob and I were newly married he went into an electronics store to buy batteries and […]

Set a Budget: The Gap Between What You Can Afford and What You Want

The Gap Between What You Can Afford and What You Want - TaxACT

Do you head into a purchase with a budget but end up spending far more than that amount? Here’s a theory… The gap between what you can afford and what you want can be measured by how well aspirational marketing works on you. If aspirational marketing works well on you, (read: Real Housewives, Dom Perignon […]

Weekly Favorites: 10 Ways to Change Your Budget, Changes on 2012 W-2 Forms, 6 Items for Financial First Aid Kit

TaxACT Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites: January 25, 2013 10 Ways Your Budget Needs to Change in 2013 via LearnVest It’s a new year! And that means … new limits for IRAs, 401(k)s and Flexible Spending Accounts. Although these aren’t exactly the most exciting topics to think about, they do have important implications for the way you handle your […]

How to Graduate From College With No Student Loan Debt

Debt Free College

How would you like to graduate from college with no student loan debt? As a mother of seven children, I’ve worked hard to keep our kids debt free, particularly when it comes to student loan debt, because we know that one day they will have to pay back those loans Not every student will graduate […]

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