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Student Loan Relief Takes a Huge Burden off Karole’s Shoulders

We believe how we act as a company, and as individuals, is a measure of who we are.

As a company, we act responsibly and with integrity to provide the best value in tax preparation products.

As individuals, we believe financial responsibility and higher education play major roles in our community’s future.

This sweepstakes recognizes students and graduates who share those same values and act responsibly using their college education to better their communities.

Congratulations Karole on winning $500!

Karole graduated from High Point University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Media Studies while receiving a minor in Spanish.

In 2012, she returned to High Point University to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communications, Public Relations

Karole anticipates reaching for that Masters of Art diploma in May 2014.

The following is a brief question and answer with Karole:

TaxACT: What made you choose this specific area of study?

Karole: I love technology and the media. However, I didn’t want to go into broadcast. I wanted to stay in the web-sphere. I started working in social media, and I naturally gravitated toward public relations.

TaxACT: How will your education make a difference for you and your family?

Karole: I’m over $150,000 in debt from student loans because my mother lost her job after my freshmen year at college. She wanted me to have the best education and pushed me to stay at High Point University despite a $35,000 per year price tag. Now, I’m working to get my education and a good job so that I’ll be able to pay off my loans.

TaxACT: How will your area of study make a difference in your community?

Karole: I love small businesses. I work hard to get these businesses off the ground using the latest networking skills.

TaxACT: How will student loan relief from TaxACT help you make a difference for your community?

Karole: Student loan relief would take a HUGE burden off my shoulders. Instead of working for the money, I would be able to work for less, but better enjoy my work and be able to help more small business owners.

Karole, we wish you nothing but the best on all your future endeavors!

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