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We believe how we act as a company, and as individuals, is a measure of who we are.

As a company, we act responsibly and with integrity to provide the best value in tax preparation products.

As individuals, we believe financial responsibility and higher education play major roles in our community’s future.

This sweepstakes recognizes students and graduates who share those same values and act responsibly using their college education to better their communities.

Congratulations Patrick on winning $500!

Patrick is a 41 year old returning student, and is attending the University of Nevada full time. He is focused on a Business degree with hopes of obtaining an MBA.

As a single father with limited funds, every semester brings more bills and new school debts. He will graduate in two years and hopes to do so without accruing additional debts.

TaxACT: What made you choose this specific area of study?

Patrick: I owned a small business for 10+ years, but never felt I had the education and professional knowledge to really move ahead. When the economy turned, it seemed like a great time to learn and grow.

TaxACT: How will your education make a difference for you and your family?

Patrick: My son is 12 and is relying on me to have the finances and the personal confidence to help him on his journey to adulthood. My family has been very supportive but I don’t want to be a burden, and increasing my employability through education is making everyone happy.

TaxACT: How will your area of study make a difference in your community?

Patrick: I’m a member of our local Rotary Club and try to help out where I can. Having solid business and accounting skills will allow me to offer a deeper level of support to community events and programs.

TaxACT: How will student loan relief from TaxACT help you make a difference for your community and family?

Patrick: I’v struggled with debt and feelings of frustration around my lack of success. My education will allow me to pay off loans and debts, pay my part of taxes, and be there for others when help need help and money.

Congratulations again Patrick! Best of luck to you and your son.

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