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You Got This Weekly Series: Will I Get a Tax Refund This Year?

You Got This - TaxACT

Each week we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions on Facebook, Twitter and TaxACT’s Blog in the “You Got This” Weekly Series. Question: I worked part-time all year and I also collected unemployment. I get $100 each week for … [Continue reading]

Weekly Favorites: IRS Takes a Bite Out of U.S. Olympic Medalists’ Winnings, and more

TaxACT Weekly Favorites

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  February 14, 2014 The Pros and Cons of Tax Refunds By Kay Bell Here's a quick look at some pros and cons of having Uncle Sam hold onto your money for months and then getting it back in a lump sum when the Internal … [Continue reading]

Baby Boomers Playing Catch-Up: Retirement Strategies Worth Considering

Baby Boomers Playing Catch-Up—Retirement Strategies Worth Considering - TaxACT

Talk about a case of bad timing: the baby boomer generation started hitting retirement age during one of the worst economic disasters in modern-day history. The oldest boomers started turning 65 in 2011, as the economy struggled to recover from … [Continue reading]

8 Kinds of Debt You Can’t Lose in Bankruptcy

8 Kinds of Debt You Can't Lose in Bankruptcy by TaxACT

When people go through a financial crisis, sometimes bankruptcy is the best or only solution. For example, when someone has insurmountable debts, often due to one-time events such as divorce, catastrophic illness, or business failure, bankruptcy … [Continue reading]

8 Free Preventive Services Under Obamacare

8 Preventive Services Free Under Obamacare - TaxACT

As the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And now, thanks to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), taking measures to ward off illness and disease has never been easier. All marketplace plans are required … [Continue reading]

Young People and Retirement Saving: Time Is On Your Side


“Time is on my side” the old pop lyric says, and truer words have never been spoken when it comes to young people and retirement saving. Getting an early start is the best thing you can do for yourself, even if you’re not able to contribute … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Say No to Spending

10 Ways to Say No to Spending - TaxACT

You don't need complicated strategies to save lots of money in the new year. If you're like most people, you just need to say "no" to unnecessary expenditures - the ones that drain your bank account and give you precious little in return. Here … [Continue reading]

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