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IRS Sets July 31 as Deadline to File 2014 Tax Returns for ACA Premium Tax Credit

Deadline to File 2014 Tax Returns for ACA Premium Tax Credit - TaxAct Blog

The IRS has just announced some important information for taxpayers who filed an extension for the 2014 tax year. The deadline for filing your 2014 Federal return is October 15, 2015, but you may want to file sooner.

If you purchased health insurance coverage through a government-sponsored health insurance marketplace and want to keep your advanced premium tax credit for 2016, you must file your 2014 Federal tax return by July 31, 2015 in order to be included on the IRS’ list of taxpayers eligible for the credit.

This tax credit can help make purchasing health insurance coverage more affordable for people with moderate incomes.

In general, you may be eligible for the premium tax credit if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You must purchase coverage through a marketplace, and
  • You don’t qualify for government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and
  • Your don’t have access to employer-sponsored insurance or your employer-provided insurance covers less than 60% of covered benefits OR your premiums are more than 9.5% of your annual household income, and
  • Your annual household income is between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (percentages may vary by state), and
  • You do not file a Married Filing Separately tax return (unless you meet criteria which allows certain victims of domestic abuse and spousal abandonment to claim the premium tax credit using the Married Filing Separately filing status), and
  • You cannot be claimed as a dependent by another person.

Open Enrollment for 2016

Open enrollment to purchase 2016 health insurance coverage begins November 1, 2015 and ends January 31, 2016. or your applicable state marketplace will use information provided by the IRS to determine your advanced premium tax credit for health coverage beginning January 1, 2016.

Important dates to keep in mind

Here are the important dates to remember for filing your 2014 Federal return and healthcare coverage:

July 31, 2015: If you filed an extension, you must file your final 2014 Federal return by this date in order to keep your advanced premium tax credit for 2016.

October 15, 2015: If you don’t purchase health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, or you know you don’t qualify for the premium tax credit, you can file your final 2014 Federal return as late as October 15th.

November 1, 2015: Open enrollment for 2016 healthcare coverage from government-sponsored marketplaces begins.

January 1, 2016: The earliest date coverage can begin for plans being purchased during this open enrollment period.

January 31, 2016: 2016 open enrollment ends.

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  1. You stated that July 31st was a Suggested deadline and those receiving the advanced premium tax credit should file as soon as possible. The deadline for the 1040 returns on extension has not changed from the official October 15th date.
    If an accurate return cannot be filed by July 31st, I don’t believe they are suggesting a return that later needs to be amended be filed to comply with a Suggested deadline.
    I researched and could not locate any IRS rulings etc referring to July 31st as a new deadline for specific people who received the advanced premium tax credit.

    • Judi Watters says:

      I also searched for the information elsewhere and could not find any notice of this deadline. On the IRS website they strongly urge individuals with APTC to file their 2014 taxes “ASAP,” and “this summer,” but give no deadline other than Oct. 15.

    • Here is what the IRS is saying. They are not putting a 7/31/15 deadline. They are just suggesting that taxpayers who receive subsidies or tax credits file as soon as possible to avoid delays and/or inaccuracies in their subsidy calculation.

      Per IRS at
      “Failing to file 2014 tax returns will prevent advance payments in 2016
      The IRS reminds taxpayers who received advance payments of the premium tax credit in 2014 that they should file their 2014 tax return as soon as possible this summer to ensure they can timely receive advance payments next year from their Marketplace.
      If advance payments of the premium tax credit were paid on behalf of you or an individual in your family in 2014, and you do not file a 2014 tax return, you will not be eligible for advance payments of the premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions to help pay for your Marketplace health insurance coverage in 2016. This means you will be responsible for the full cost of your monthly premiums and all covered services. In addition, we may contact you to pay back some or all of the 2014 advance payments of the premium tax credit.
      Because Marketplaces will determine eligibility for advance tax credit payments and cost-sharing reductions for the 2016 coverage year during the fall of 2015, it will substantially increase your chances of avoiding a gap in receiving this help if you file your 2014 tax return with Form 8962 electronically as soon as possible.
      If you missed the April 15 deadline or received an extension to file until Oct. 15, you should file your return as soon as possible. You should not wait to file. File now to reconcile any advance credit payments you received in 2014 and to maintain your eligibility for future premium assistance.
      Remember that filing electronically is the best and simplest way to file a complete and accurate tax return as it guides you through the process and does all the math.”

  2. TaxAct Support says:

    During a recent meeting regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), representatives from various companies in the tax industry were made aware that the IRS is strongly suggesting certain tax year 2014 returns be filed prior to July 31, 2015. Although this is not an “official” deadline, TaxAct wanted to communicate this information to our community of taxpayers as quickly as possible in order to avoid possible delays and issues with claiming the Premium Tax Credit (PTC). It is unknown at this time if the PTC will be denied if the 2014 tax return is filed after July 31; however, we believe it will benefit taxpayers who have coverage through the Marketplace and plan to claim the PTC to file as early as possible.

    – TaxAct Support

    • So it’s not an official deadline, yet the headline states:
      “IRS Sets July 31 as Deadline to File 2014 Tax Returns for ACA Premium Tax Credit”.
      So is it a deadline, or not?

      I have received NOTHING from the IRS or the healthcare marketplace indicating that I will lose my credit if I do not file by July 31.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Can you please provide a link or source for this announcement? I have yet to see any other information regarding a July 31, 2015 deadline.

  4. Cynthia Solesbee says:

    what is the cite for the July 31, 2015 deadline to file 2014 taxes to keep the 2016 aptc?

    Thank you

  5. Can you provide a link to the announcement?

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