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The Best Gifts Don’t Come With Price Tags


The best gifts don’t come with price tags and they don’t require batteries. A class of 2nd graders received the exact toys they listed on their Christmas list to Santa—except for one little girl who didn’t ask for a single toy. She only asked for one thing, to see her father who has been in […]

Weekly Favorites: Debt Free College, Celebrity is a Corporation, 10 Credit Card Benefits, 20 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Weekly Favorites December 21, 2012

Weekly Favorites: December 21, 2012 Debt Free College by Ellie Kay How would you like to graduate from college with no student loan debt? The amount of student loan debt you have can actually determine the following aspects of your life after you graduate. Continue reading… Why Your Favorite Celebrity is a Corporation by American […]

Weekly Favorites: Pay Down Student Loan Debt, Year-End Tax Strategies, Congress Dumping $1 Bill

Weekly Favorites - December 14 2012

Weekly Favorites: December 14, 2012 Save Money to Pay Down Student Loan Debt by Ellie Kay I believe that every person can be free from the worry of student loan debt and pay them off by following steps to save money. Continue reading… 6 smart year-end tax strategies to consider by Kay Bell Savvy taxpayers […]

Weekly Favorites: Financial To-Dos, Donate to Charities, Credit Card for Holiday Purchases

Weekly Favorites December 3, 2012

Weekly Favorites: December 7, 2012 5 Financial To-Dos You Should Do in December by LearnVest Front of mind this year is the Fiscal Cliff…the new year could be a very expensive one for almost all of us. Continue reading… Donate to Charities to Decrease Taxable Income by  Ny-oka S. Beyond the personal satisfaction of donating to charitable […]

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