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The keys to home ownership when you’re self-employed

People who choose to work for themselves tend to like a certain amount of independence. It takes a lot of gumption to cut ties with the traditional 9-5, and the kind of person willing to take that leap is usually in search of an independent lifestyle. But, it’s hard to be truly independent when you’re chained to […]

Easily Report Business Income & Maximize Deductions with TaxAct 2015

Did you earn income in 2015 as an independent contractor, from a side job or from a business that you own? Even if the amount is small, the IRS considers you a sole proprietor and requires you to itemize your operational income and expenses on either IRS Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit from Business, or Schedule […]

Several Tax Breaks for Businesses Extended

By Mark Jaeger, Director of Tax Development, TaxAct In December 2015, Congress gave business owners a nice year-end gift by approving a bill that extended many expired or expiring tax breaks for business owners. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act includes several provisions that may reduce your business taxes. Key business tax provisions […]

14 Key Small Business Deductions for 2015

One of the great benefits about being a small business owner is that you may be able to deduct many business expenses that you would not be able to deduct if you were an employee. Those deductions don’t just reduce your income tax. When you take business tax deductions, you also reduce your income subject […]

1099-MISC Deadlines for 2016 and New State Filing Requirements

Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss any important deadlines when preparing and filing documents. 2016 Federal forms – recipient and IRS e-file deadlines The following table includes key dates you’ll want to remember for transmitting important tax forms and for e-filing them with the IRS. Note: 1095-C dates have been revised as per […]

How Your Business Structure Can Impact Your Business Taxes

By Mark Jaeger There’s nothing simple about starting and owning a business. Choices are everywhere — in business plans, company names, pricing, employees, benefits and office space. But first, in order to register your company with state and federal agencies, you’ll need to choose a business structure, and this choice can have ramifications that are […]

Insurance and Your Taxes — What Business Owners Need to Know

We can insure just about anything we choose: our cars, houses, businesses, ability to work – even our lives. While carrying insurance may be expensive, we’re paying for peace of mind. It seems like the only thing more expensive than insurance is not having it when something bad happens. Fortunately, insurance premiums are often deductible […]

Tips to Meet the Small Business Tax Filing Extension Deadline

The deadline for filing 2014 extended corporate and partnership tax returns is Tuesday, September 15, 2015. If you took an extension to file your corporate or partnership income tax returns, the deadline is almost here. By Tuesday, you must finish and file your return or face penalties for late filing.

What Tax Forms Do I Use to File My Business Return?

Starting a new business and keeping it going through its first year is a great accomplishment. Congratulations! When you file a federal income tax return for your business, the paperwork and forms you will use depend on how your business is organized. Here’s how you’ll file your business return, based on your business type: